Pay By Phone
What is this new service?

RentPayment now lets you make a payment by phone without having to speak to a customer service representative; no more waiting on hold! Plus you can make your payments 24 x 7 - 365 days a year!

How does it work?

Simply log on to the RentPayment system and create a profile. Once your profile is entered, you may choose your PIN.

How do I make a payment?

Call us at (866) 289-5977 and follow the system prompts to enter your USER ID and PIN. You will then be prompted to select an account (credit card or eCheck) which you have associated with your online profile at Then simply enter the amount you wish to pay via your phone.

When is my payment processed?

The payment is instantly applied to your account and you will receive a confirmation e-mail if you have an e-mail address associated with your online profile at Additionally, the phone system will provided you with a payment reference number.

What if I lose my USER ID or PIN?

Just call us at (866) 289-5977 and we will send you a new one via email or you can login to to retrieve the USER ID and PIN for your account.