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With over 20 years of industry experience, RentPayment is the perfect payment partner for apartment rental marketplaces and related multifamily businesses.


Our unique combination of online payment expertise, apartment rental experience and unparalleled customer support has made RentPayment the leader in online payment processing for apartment rentals.

Apartment Rental Industry Experts

Founded in 1999, RentPayment is led by apartment rental industry experts and offers a robust payment solution that meets the specific business requirements of the industry.

Highly Flexible Platform

Designed to address the unique requirements of apartment rental marketplaces while maintaining flexibility, our payment platform offers the ability to process one-time and/or recurring payments in multiple channels — online, mobile, phone and in-person.

Robust Integrations

Our payment platform offers an unprecedented level of software integrations as well as the features and functionality needed by apartment rental marketplaces and multifamily focused businesses.

Electronic Payment Platform

RentPayment is owned by Priority Technology Holdings, a market-leading payments technology provider that processed over 465 million transactions and over $38 billion in payment volume across a network of approximately 174,000 merchants in 2018.

Leading Online Solution

RentPayment enables online payments for over 3 million rental units in 47 states and expanding throughout the U.S. with multiple partners.

Multiple Payment Options

Our solution offers the most comprehensive suite of payment channels (online, mobile app, phone) and payment methods (credit card, debit card, eCheck) available.

Level One PCI Compliant

Our payment platform is rated Level One PCI Compliant so you can rest assured that we employ the highest security standards possible to protect your data and information.
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Industry Affiliates

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Stratford Apartments says...
Our residents love the convenience of being able to pay their rent online, no matter where they are. With so many different ways to pay, it is not only easy but convenient. RentPayment not only makes it easy for our residents, but also for our office staff as well.
Collect Rent Online with RentPaymentCollect Rent Online with RentPayment


Your price. Your way.

RentPayment offers a number of pricing options, depending upon your needs or property size. We are committed to partnering with you to ensure your package fulfills your needs and with optimal value to you.