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RentPayment streamlines your process by depositing directly into your account so you can collect rent on time and reduce collection costs. You also have access to highly detailed reporting to analyze your business, marketing tools to increase awareness, and so much more.

Beacon Communities says...
We knew we needed a 21st century solution in order to support our growth goals and bring long needed efficiencies to our operations. Every management company should be on RentPayment; there is no reason why anyone would need anything else.


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Features & Benefits

With, we give your residents the ability to pay on time, from anywhere, by giving them options: credit card, debit card, eCheck, and more. Then we automatically deposit directly into your account. Now, you can skip collecting those checks or running to the bank.


RentPayment works with your existing system, reducing data entry time and allowing your leasing staff to focus more on growing and closing leases, and less on rent collection.


Your price, your way. RentPayment offers a number of pricing options, depending upon your needs or property size. We are committed to partnering with you to ensure your package fulfills your needs and with optimal value to you.

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First, tell us how many units you manage. Then we’ll figure out the best plan that fits your needs.
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