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RentPayment reduces time spent on data entry, with reduced need for accounting or operational costs, saving you money.

Another benefit of RentPayment is allowing your residents to view their balances, as well as the exact amount owed. And if any residents are facing eviction status, they are automatically blocked. All of these together allow your leasing staff to focus more on growing and closing leases, and less on rent collection.


RentPayment integrates seamlessly with these popular systems, and more:

Ramshaw Real Estate says...
We first decided to use electronic payments so we could have a greater and faster cash flow in the beginning of the month. We wanted to give our tenants more payment options for paying their rent. It makes it easier for the tenants to not receive any late fees. The electronic payments make processing leases easier throughout the country and even around the world. We have a lot of international tenants who have been able to pay deposits online to hold an apartment when they were not able to physically be here.

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