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Your rent. Your way.

Paying rent can always add a little extra stress. We make it easy and convenient. RentPayment offers the ability to pay the rent on time, from anywhere, in any way — no more late fees, no more worries.


It’s fast to sign up. And easy to pay.

With RentPayment, you can skip the paper checks — no mailing or dropping off your rent at the office. And you can securely pay, from anywhere, by credit card, online or with the mobile app. So, no more worrying about late fees. Plus, signing up is easy!
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Add your preferred payment method and you’re all set!


Your Rent. Your Way. Sign up for your preferred method today.

Credit or Debit

Free yourself and your residents from old-timey paper checks! With a credit or debit card as a payment method, they can skip the stamps and enjoy even more points. And you can stop running around to deposit checks. Your residents can even use AutoPay to pay on time, every single month.

eCheck / ACH

What’s an eCheck, you say? Well, it’s just a fancy way for your residents to pay their rent electronically, straight from their bank account. They’ll like it so much better than having to dig out an actual checkbook.

Cash (via MoneyGram)

Sometimes, people just want to use good, old-fashioned cash. Well, your residents can use that, too: we’ve partnered with MoneyGram so they can pay their rent at one of 40,000 locations nationwide.
Available payment methods vary. Not all payment methods may be offered by your property. Additional fees may apply.
Man enters credit card information into iPhone Man enters credit card information into iPhone


The options are endless! Well, there are six… but it seems endless.


What can we say? Rent gets paid online, simply and quickly on our website or mobile optimized website. Easy peasy.

Mobile App

Even if they have a lot of apps, your residents are gonna love this one! Once they download the RentPayment mobile app — iOS or Android — they pay rent through their smartphone.


Sometimes we can benefit from a little nudge. Now your residents can opt-in to reminder emails, select a payment method, pay rent on time and, best of all, avoid those late fees.


Residents can pay rent even faster with our unique, RentByText™ feature. They simply set up their accounts to reply to the monthly text message and bingo — rent paid!


What’s that? Real, live people… on the phone? It’s true — residents can make rent payment anytime — just contact our customer service team at (866) 289-5977.


And if your residents prefer to pay with cash, we don’t judge. They can pay at one of the 40,000 MoneyGram locations nationwide.
Blue Ridge Companies says...
We have been a satisfied customer of RentPayment since 2011 and appreciate the personal level of customer service we receive from our Account Manager. RentPayment constructively uses our feedback to enhance their product's quality, which enables us to efficiently serve our residents.

Your Rent. Your Way. Sign up for RentPayment today.