Free TransUnion Credit Reporting

RentPayment credit reporting is completely free, and gives you the ability to potentially build, strengthen or rebuild your credit.

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Discover the Benefits of Improving Your Credit

Lower interest rates for your next car loan or future home mortgage

Waived or reduced deposits on setting up new utilities or cell phone accounts

Increased credit limits so you have access to funds when you need them

Here’s How It Works:

When you report your rent payments, you are taking a proactive step ensuring that your credit file reflects your hard work and positive track record.

  • 1

    Pay your rent using RentPayment

  • 2

    During the pay flow, sign up to report your payment (it’s free)

  • 3

    When your payment is confirmed, the data is reported to TransUnion

  • 4

    TransUnion adds your rent payment to your credit report

  • Log into your account on

  • Initiate your payment

  • Sign up by selecting the Credit Reporting checkbox

  • Complete your payment

After you complete these steps to enroll in the free credit reporting feature, RentPayment will report your payment every time you make it.

While reporting your rental information to the credit bureaus has been shown to have a generally positive impact on credit, RentPayment does not guarantee that this program will result in a positive change to your score.

For more information on how TransUnion processes your rent payment data, please call the TransUnion Customer Service at (877) 322-8228. To discuss the data and your right to dispute the information, please visit TransUnion’s Consumer Relations team at or call the TransUnion Conflict Hotline at (800) 916-8800 from 8am to 11pm Eastern Time.

PRO TIP: Sign Up for AutoPay to get credit for all your rent payments