We have been a satisfied customer of RentPayment since 2011 and appreciate the personal level of customer service we receive from our Account Manager. RentPayment constructively uses our feedback to enhance their product's quality, which enables us to efficiently serve our residents.

- Gina Carter NALP, CAM, CAPS (Operations Manager)

The Account Management team at RentPayment, and Sarah specifically, was very responsive and a pleasure to work with during the process of our property preference change requests. Sarah identified our needs and proactively followed up both internally with her support teams and externally with us to ensure the necessary changes were made correctly.

- Jim Baleix, CFO (McLellan Real Estate)

We first decided to use electronic payments so we could have a greater and faster cash flow in the beginning of the month. We wanted to give our tenants more payment options for paying their rent. It makes it easier for the tenants to not receive any late fees. The electronic payments make processing leases easier throughout the country and even around the world. We have a lot of international tenants who have been able to pay deposits online to hold an apartment when they were not able to physically be here.

- Vickie Baumann (Ramshaw Real Estate)

I am very happy! When I contact RentPayment, I get assistance with whatever I need on the spot! Our staff has reported that the support team is extremely attentive to our requests and calls. Properties are set up in a jiffy!

- Mae Price (Steven D. Bell)

Thank you so much for all your help educating me on the RentPayment system! I have called RentPayment several times over the past few weeks and your staff has always been very patient and helpful. When the call was done, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders.

- Sharon Olund (Timberland Partners)

RentPayment is a great service that gives added value to residents by offering the flexibility to pay rent on or offline through various payment options. The world has evolved into a place where information is most commonly accessed via the Internet and now even by text message. The apartment industry needs to evolve with these trends to stay in touch with our customers, and services like RentByText will help us achieve that.

- Andrea Roebker (Village Green Companies)

Here at 160 Pleasant Street in Malden Massachusetts, we aim to make luxury living as easy as possible! Thanks to RentPayment.com our residents have the absolute freedom to make their monthly payments online, while helping maintain a greener environment!

- 160 Pleasant Street Apartments

Thanks for making our job so easy, RentPayment.com!

- Red Deer Apartments

Our residents love the convenience of being able to pay their rent online, no matter where they are. With so many different ways to pay, it is not only easy but convenient. RentPayment not only makes it easy for our residents, but also for our office staff as well.

- The Stratford Apartments in Kendall