8 out of 10 U.S. residents prefer to pay with a debit card or credit card.

70% of U.S. residents own a smartphone.

40% of Millennial aged residents (20-34) prefer to pay with smartphone.



Residents can pay rent online quickly and conveniently at co-branded property pages on rentpayment.com.

Mobile App

Residents can pay rent on a smartphone, their preferred device. Our free mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.


Residents can opt-in to monthly reminder emails to manage preferences, select payment method and pay rent on time.


Residents can pay rent anytime by contacting our California-based call center at (866) 289-5977.

Text Message

Residents can pay rent through our proprietary SMS channel, RentByText™ – which allows residents to conveniently confirm their rent payment with a simple text reply.


Residents can sign up for recurring monthly payments to pay rent on time each and every month.


Today’s residents demand more options to pay rent. With RentPayment’s multiple payment methods, your residents can choose the way they want to pay rent. Our solution is proven to increase on-time rent payments and reduce delinquencies.

Credit Card

Residents want the convenience of paying rent with a credit card. We’re confident they’ll thank you for freeing them from the hassle of paper checks.

Debit Card

As Millennial residents stop using checkbooks, debit card usage is increasing dramatically. Today’s residents appreciate the ease and convenience of the debit card option.

eCheck (ACH)

Residents can easily set up eCheck (ACH) payments as a payment method to pay rent directly from a bank account.


In a partnership with MoneyGram, we offer your residents the ability to pay rent with cash at 40,000 locations nationwide.